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Beauty Built on Quality

Frank Sitterle

Frank Sitterle began his career more than 60 years ago as a custom home builder in the San Antonio area. With a passion for creating beautiful homes built to last, Mr. Sitterle quickly established himself as one of San Antonio’s premier builders.

Building on a Legacy of Excellence

Sitterle Homes is a premier Texas homebuilder with a focus on creating long-lasting, high quality homes and communities across San Antonio, Austin and Houston.

Our company began in 1964 as a custom builder, one that focused on creating well-built, personalized homes tailored to individual buyers’ needs and lifestyles. That legacy remains part of our core values even as we continue to expand our offerings.

Sitterle Homes builds communities of luxury garden homes and traditional homes, as well as custom homes and estates, and works to instill every property with custom details that make it uniquely yours.

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Near the front door of every Sitterle Home, you’ll find a small, hand-carved brass emblem – our logo.

We’ve placed the Sitterle Seal of Excellence on each and every home we’ve built, from our first buildings in 1964 all the way through to the innovative, well-designed communities we create today.

We believe in the work we do, the craftsmanship, expertise and excellence that goes into each home. And, we believe in it so deeply that we want to leave a lasting mark on it, a symbol of the timelessness and the quality of the spaces we’ve built together.

When you choose a Sitterle Home, we want you to make it thoroughly your own, so you feel welcomed, relaxed and joyous every time you enter. That’s why Sitterle Homes allows customizations to our designs until you’re happy with the dwelling and lifestyle you’ve created.

We build beautiful homes with unparalleled attention to detail and quality. And, beyond beauty, Sitterle Homes are solid and dependable through and through – because we put just as much emphasis on what you can’t see as what you can.

Building high-quality homes that fit your lifestyle. That’s what Sitterle Homes has been doing for our fellow Texans since 1964, and that’s what we’re ready to do for you.

What Quality Means to Us

High-Quality Craftsmanship

Sturdy, dependable materials and well-crafted designs are the foundation for remarkable homes.

When we build, we use all high-quality materials, whether they’re adding a little extra luxury and comfort in visible areas or providing behind-the-scenes support. From your insulation to your finishes and amenities, a Sitterle Home is well-designed, efficient, comfortable and built to last.

Adaptable Designs

You deserve a dwelling that suits your life. That’s why we don’t build “cookie cutter houses,” whether we’re creating garden and traditional homes or luxury estates.

Instead, we work with buyers to provide customized amenities, floorplan variations and unique outdoor living spaces, so they can create a lifestyle they want to enjoy each day.

Unparalleled Service

From our sales specialists to our construction teams to our warranty process, customer service is first and foremost in our interactions.

The construction process can include some unexpected events from weather to availability of construction materials. When things don’t go as planned, we work with our buyers to make things right because we’re committed to operating with integrity.

For Us, This Is Personal

Choosing a home is personal. It’s personal to you because this is the place where you’re going to make your next set of memories, where you’re going to rest your head at night, where you’re going to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays and promotions, where you’re going to watch your children grow. It’s where your grandkids will visit, where you’ll reconnect with yourself, where you’ll find renewed passion and zest for life.

And, it’s personal to us, because it’s our family name and legacy. We’ve built a reputation on connecting with our buyers; listening to their needs, wants and dreams; then creating high-quality homes that exceed their expectations for livability, luxury and enjoyment.

When we combine your personal preferences with our expert craftsmanship and commitment to quality, the result is a home that feels custom-made for you – because it is custom-made for you.


Sitterle Homes has received countless awards and recognition for various achievements for our quality products, exceptional customer service, employee professionalism, and phenomenal realtor relations. Through the years of our existence we’ve been recognized by 2-10 Homebuyers Warranty – Premier Builder Award, Greater San Antonio Builder Association – Summit Award Winner per annum, Texas Association of Builders, STAR Awards, Parade of Homes, AVID Awards, and plenty more.
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